stainless steel rope mesh safe protection rope net
Stainless steel rope net is a kind of wire rope woven net with good tensile strength. It is mainly used for animal protection nets, animal
cage nets, building protection nets, nets for decorative fields, etc.
Stainless steel rope mesh high quality 304 stainless steel raw material, corrosion resistant, no rust, long life. The stainless steel protective
soft net has good flexibility and can be folded and pulled freely. It is suitable for various design and flexible installation.
Stainless steel woven soft net is resistant to corrosion and rust, and is used in outdoor environmental conditions;
The wire rope protection net does not require maintenance and has a long service life;
The stainless steel rope net is transparent and does not block the line of sight;

The stainless steel protective soft net is beautiful and environmentally friendly, and is integrated with nature;
Stainless steel rope net is produced by Cannes factory direct sales, custom size;
It has good flexibility and is not limited by the shape of the cage. It is flexible and convenient to install.
Stainless steel rope net, steel wire rope network is selected by Baina manufacturers. Wholesale prices, let you save money; the quality
of the brand, let you worry. Welcome to consult!

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