Stadium fence
The stadium fence is also known as "stadium fence" and "stadium fence"; it is a new type of protective product designed for the stadium. This product has high net body and strong anti-climbing ability. The stadium fence is a kind of site fence. It is also called: "Sports fence". It can be installed on the site to install the fence and fence. The biggest feature of the product is flexibility. The mesh can be adjusted at any time according to requirements. Structure, shape and size. The stadium fence is especially suitable for use as a stadium fence, basketball court fence, volleyball court and sports training venue within a height of 4 meters.
Material: High quality low carbon steel wire.
Weaving method: Weaving and welding.
1. Plastic coated wire: 3.8mm;
2. Mesh: 50mm X 50mm;
3. Size: 3000mm X 4000mm;
4. Horizontal column: 48/2mm;
5. Column: 60/2.5mm;
Stadium fence
Anti-corrosion treatment: electroplating, hot-plating, spray-coating, dip-coating.
Advantages: anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-sun, weather resistance, bright color, smooth surface, strong tension, not easy to be impacted by external force, on-site construction and installation, flexible (can be adjusted according to site requirements at any time).
Available colors: blue, green, yellow, white, etc.
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