zebra enclosure mesh
Stainless steel wire rope mesh is an ideal zoo mesh for zebra enclosure mesh with high tensile strength and shiny appearance.

According to different zoo requirements, the zebra enclosure mesh can be designed into various sizes and types such as used for large enclosure fence, decorative zebra cages. And it is more beautiful and stronger than chicken wire mesh.
zebra enclosure mesh
Specifications of zebra enclosure mesh:

Wire diameter: 2–3.2 mm.
Hole size: 50–100 mm (the distance of the adjacent mesh knot distance).
Wire rope structure: 7 × 19 or 7 × 7.
Surface treatment: galvanized, PVC coated.
Packing and transportation:
Fold into square bundle and wrapped with plastic cloth on pallets.
Coils in wooden cases or pallets.
Zebra enclosure mesh features:

Resist to bad weathers and other abrasion, erosion.
Eco-friendly and economical.
Modernized and more than 30 years service life.
Zebra enclosure mesh applications:

Used for enclosure mesh to arrange zoos in order.
Used in animal sanctuary to protect zebras.
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