Wire rope aviary mesh
Wire rope aviary mesh made of stainless steel wire is rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant, which make it can always keep a shiny surface.

As a typical zoo mesh for aviary, the stainless steel wire rope mesh is eco-friendly and has good elasticity. According to birds types, the bird aviary mesh can be arbitrarily designed. And with uniform opening, it provides a cozy and free sight.

Specifications of wire rope aviary mesh:

Wire diameter: 1.2–2 mm.
Hole size: 20–51 mm (the distance of the adjacent mesh knot distance).
Types: inter-woven or with ferrules.
Surface treatment: galvanized, PVC coated.
Packing and transportation:
Fold into square bundle and wrapped with plastic cloth on pallets.
Coils in wooden cases or pallets.
Wire rope aviary mesh

Wire rope aviary mesh features:

Resist to birds tearing and breaking.
Good ventilation.
Attractive appearance and lightweight.
Wire rope aviary mesh applications:

Used for large bird enclosure mesh to try to give birds a free and safe living environment in zoos.
Made into different types of bird cages.
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