rope mesh tiger fencing
Being made from stainless steel wire, rope mesh tiger fencing is not only corrosion-resistant and abrasion-resistant but also has a smooth surface and elastic structure.

In the zoo, rope mesh tiger fencing can provide enough space for tigers an can protect their fur from damage without sharps. And the wire rope mesh can be designed into walkway for tigers to give tourists a great sight and safe conditions for watching tigers.

Specifications of rope mesh tiger fencing:

Materials: stainless steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L.
Wire diameter: 2.38–3.2 mm.
Hole sizes: 50–102 mm (the distance of the adjacent mesh knot distance).
Length and height of enclosure can be custom made.
rope mesh tiger fencing
Rope mesh tiger fencing features:

Highly durable and flexible.
Beautiful and transparent viewing.
Rope mesh tiger fencing applications:

Give tigers a free activity space and ensure visitors safety.
Made into walkway for tiger stretching.
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