Gibbon enclosure mesh
Stainless steel wire rope mesh has excellent rigid structure and elasticity, which is used for gibbon enclosure mesh or fence to offer a safe and wide entertainment space for animals and visitors.

With soft surface and flexible structure, gibbon enclosure mesh can show its long service life in zoos or wildlife reserve. We can manufacture custom made gibbon enclosure mesh.
Specifications of gibbon enclosure mesh:

Materials: stainless steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L.
Wire diameter: 2.4–3.2 mm.
Hole size: 50–80 mm.
Wire rope structure: 7 × 19 or 7 × 7.
Gibbon enclosure mesh features:
Gibbon enclosure mesh
Large load carrying capacity.
Excellent harsh conditions resistance.
Durable and strong structure.
Gibbon enclosure mesh applications:

Give gibbons a space close to nature in zoos.
Can be made into gibbon cage.
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