Deer Enclosure Mesh Makes People Has Wide Sight to Watch Deer in Zoo
Deer enclosure mesh is made from high strength steel wire ropes which have excellent resistance to stresses and tearing.

With flexible and solid structure, rope mesh deer fencing is very durable. And there are no sharps on the wire rope mesh surface. What's more, the rope mesh fencing has more than three decades of service life to maintain a safe zoo environment.
Specifications of deer enclosure mesh:

Wire diameter: 2–2.4 mm.
Hole sizes: 50–100 mm.
Cable structure: 7 × 19 or 7 × 7.
Surface treatment: galvanized, PVC coating.
Deer enclosure mesh features:
Deer enclosure mesh
Excellent stretch resistance and tensile strength.
Smooth surface and no sharps.
Various sizes are available.
Deer enclosure mesh applications:

Used for security fence to separate deer and visitors and create safe conditions.
Made into deer cages for temporary use.
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