Rope Mesh Eagle Fencing Resists Well to Eagle Tearing and Corrosion
Rope mesh eagle fencing provides a simple and safe space for eagles because the stainless steel rope mesh has soft touching that can not hurt animals.

In the zoo, stainless steel wire rope mesh can ensure the safety of eagles and visitors and also provides a transparent space for interaction such as feeding eagles, observing eagles carefully, etc.
Specifications of rope mesh eagle fencing:

Wire diameter: 1.6–2.4 mm.
Hole size: 38–76 mm.
Types: ferrules type or interwoven type.
Packing: can be rolled or folded and then wrapped with plastic bags or tied with ropes.
Rope mesh eagle fencing features:
Good toughness and elasticity.
Abrasion and corrosion resistance.
Cost-effective and easy to clean.
Rope mesh eagle fencing applications:

Give a safe and beautiful place for visiting eagles in zoo.
Separate different eagles or other animals.
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