Stainless Steel Rope Mesh – The Safest Zoo Wire Mesh
Stainless steel rope mesh is the strongest zoo wire mesh to stand up with fierce animals such as lions and tigers which have sharp teeth and claws.

Depending on its structure, stainless rope mesh can be divided into two types: plain weave and knotless with ferrule connection.

Why choose stainless steel rope as zoo wire mesh or animal cage?

Stainless steel rope never rusts.
Recyclable and durable.
High strength to bear huge impacts.

Animal enclosure - zoo wire mesh, tiger enclosure, monkey enclosure, lion cage.
Aviary - macaw, parrot and medium to large birds.
Architecture - balustrade, railing, window guard, decorations, etc.
Hot specifications ordered by customers:

1.Rope mesh material SS304 common used, for aviary, mainly for parrots, wire diameter 1.2 mm, hole 2.5 cm, weight 0.5kg/m2.
2.Made of SS304 material, wire diameter 1.6 mm, aperture 1".
3.Material: SS304, wire diameter, 2.5 mm, aperture: 2".
4.304 stainless steel wire mesh, wire diameter 2 mm, aperture 4 cm.
5.Stainless steel rope mesh, 2.0 mm diameter, 38 × 65.8 mm opening size, 676 normal break, 20 feet × 4 feet and 70 feet by 3 feet.
6.1.2 mm stainless steel 304 wire thickness with 1 inch × 1 inch hole size.
7.Zoo mesh for a cockatoo. Probably 1/2" or 3/4". Stainless steel and galvanized or other coating.
8.Pre-made perimeter fencing for a small zoo 12 feet tall anti climb with incline at top for barbed wire and also want 9 gauge chain link in 12 foot rolls.
9.Usually for zoo, the specification is material SS304, 2 mm wire diameter, opening 50 mm × 50 mm is OK.
10.Stainless steel mesh for enclose sea lions SS316 wire is better than 304. Because if for aquarium, the environment is damp, 316 wire is not easy to be rusty than 304.
1.Wire thickness: 2 mm, opening size: 50 mm.
2.Wire thickness: 3 mm, opening size: 50 mm.
11.Material: SS304, wire diameter: 1.2 mm, hole: 1", weight: 0.5 kg.
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