Feature and specification of steel wire rope mesh winding method
Winding method of the steel rope mesh: can be divided into single winding rope,double rope and triple rope. The categary of steel rope mesh:1,round strand rope ,2,braided wire rope,


stainless steel rope mesh peacock fence parameter
New home for peacocks,the main rae material is mainly used stainless steel wire mesh,use stainless steel rope mesh set up animal fence.peacock new home,the design is novel and durab


stainless steel woven mesh different type of bird cage
First of all, aviaries are divided into two categories: family aviaries and aviaries in zoos or bird parks. Family aviary The general area of small, bird species, the number of smal


stainless steel rope mesh used in giraffe protective fence and other fields
Stainless steel rope mesh is a kind of protective mesh ,woven by steel wire rope.also known as wire rope woven mesh.stainless steel woven is woven by nets,it will damage


stainless steel wire rope woven mesh gibbon cage fence mesh
Stainless steel wire rope woven mesh is used as gibbon cage fence mesh is a very good material. Baena stainless steel rope net factory provides gibbon with safe and healthy cage net


Why do bird forest use stainless steel rope net to do?
Why do bird forest use stainless steel rope net to do? The reasons are as follows: 1. The factory can customize the mesh area of stainless steel rope net, and the custom size can co


production background of steel rope mesh
The stainless steel rope woven net is a flexible protective decorative net produced with the improvement of peoples life and environmental protection awareness. It is made of high-q


Zoo rope net manufacturers of woven nets resistant to biting, effective protection of animal safety
The woven mesh produced by the zoo rope net manufacturer is suitable for all kinds of animal climbing and biting, which can effectively protect the safety of animals. For example, t


bird net fence can customize the size
Birdsong forest is a large outdoor ecological bird garden with natural ecological environment as its core, which integrates green plants, birds, visitors, houses and trees. The cons


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