Lightweight flexible metal mesh
Causes of lightness: 1,Structure, The wire rope used in wire rope mesh is 1.2mm to 3.2mm in diameter,mesh structure,so that the weight is greatly reduced. 2,craftsmanship Made by cr


Calculation and application of stainless steel rope mesh per unit weight
First ,it is a malleable mesh,mesh surface size ,weight and the mesh aperture angle size has certain relationship.the same mesh,its area is maximum when the mesh is pulled to the re


Basketball mesh bag
Basketball mesh bag on selection of baina mesh manufacture,whole sale price,let you save money,brand quality ,let you free of worry,welcome to consult....


Charger mesh bag
Charger mesh bag on selection of baina manufacture ,wholesale price,let you save money,brand quality ,let you free of worry,welcome to consult....


stainless steel mesh can save lives in a critical moment
There are 6 to 8 stainless steel hooks fixed more than 10 cm below the manhole cover, which can withstand 150 kg weight. If the depth of the well is less than 2 meters, add 1 anti-f


Stainless steel protective wire mesh introduction
Stainless steel decorative protective rope net must see The stainless steel rope net is a kind of product in the wire rope net. It is made of stainless steel wire rope and is divide


stainless steel wire mesh has remarkable anti-theft function
In the past, in order to prevent other animals from invading their homes, people built some trees and stones into a simple wall, but this is not strong enough. When it encounters wi


stainless steel wire mesh recommendation
The fence net can be seen everywhere on the street. There should be a fence mesh on the road, on the railway, and even in the playground. This is because of the quiet consideration,


qingdao zoo mesh factory production period
Baina Wire Mesh supplies for you. We must dare to carry the baggage that exceeds our expectations. After working hard, you will find that it is much better than you think. The follo


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