stainless steel wire mesh recommendation
The fence net can be seen everywhere on the street. There should be a fence mesh on the road, on the railway, and even in the playground. This is because of the quiet consideration, but also because of the consideration of elegance. Then you know how the fence mesh is made. What are the uses for the variety? The following is the relevant content. Fence mesh material: low carbon steel wire, aluminum magnesium alloy wire. Fence mesh textile and characteristics: braided and welded. Fence mesh varieties: highway fence network, municipal fence network, railway protection net, sports field fence network, chain link fence, barbed wire series fence mesh use: for roads, railways, airports, room community, port ship, flower garden, maintenance , fence protection for animal husbandry, etc. Fence mesh product features: anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-sun, weather resistance and other characteristics. Anti-corrosion conditions include electroplating, hot plating, spray coating, and dip coating. The fence network is used to cover the order, but in the condition of realizing the cover, it is also necessary to pay attention to the elegance. It is to select the fence network to select the use of the evidence, and to select the company of the craft ancestors to do.

In the past, in order to prevent other animals from invading their homes, people built some trees and stones into a simple wall, but this is not strong enough. When it encounters wind and rain, it will be destroyed and it cannot effectively block other animals. Later, in the ordinary village, people had a wooden rope with many sharp nails on one side of the rope. This discovery led to the invention of the shape of the spine rope, which was tied to a smooth wire. Place the spine in a temporary coffee bean grinder and fix it by twisting the spine spacing along the smooth wire and another wire around the spine. Invented a relatively strong and durable steel wire, and added a bayonet wire to the wire for better deterrent effect. It often develops for a long time. There are many styles of bayonet ropes with leaf knives. Different blade lancet products can be selected according to different use occasions. There are many types of blade barbed wire. The galvanized blade barbed wire can be used in harsher environments because the galvanized blade barbed wire has strong corrosion and oxidation resistance, and generally does not rust, and the blade has a long service life. Barbed wire, spiral blade lancet loop connection, mounted on a high wall, it makes people feel scared and afraid to climb. Please refer to the website for more information.
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