Stadium fence construction features
Stadium fence network information: low carbon steel wire production skills: weaving and welding. Use: For stadium fences. How to buy the stadium fence mesh products correctly? This is a topic that most people are more enthusiastic about. First of all, high-quality goods come from high-quality materials. It is very important for the fence net to select materials. The quality of the wire rod directly affects the fence mesh. The strength and service life, as well as the thickness of the steel pipe used in the column. Below, Xingyou Stadium purse net manufacturers have done the following analysis for customers:
 1. The quality of the mesh fence of the stadium fence. The mesh is welded by different standard wire rods (wire). The diameter and strength of the wire rod directly affect the quality of the mesh. The product wire produced by the manufacturer's high-quality wire rod; followed by the welding or programming skills of the mesh, this aspect is mainly to see the skilled skills and operational skills between the skilled personnel and the good production machinery. Generally good mesh is every A welding or preparation point can be perfectly connected. Some of Anping's standard fences are produced by large-scale manufacturers, which are all produced by automatic welding machines. The small factories use hand-made welding, and the quality is difficult to maintain.
 2, the quality of the stadium fence and the structure of the fence, the pillars and structure of the guardrail is also a contrast is lower than the local, some standard Hebei stadium fence manufacturers are the choice of angle steel and round steel, but used in different parts Angle and round steel should also be different.
 3, the stadium guardrail network mesh all the mastery of the spray skills, in general, the fence network should pay attention to the uniformity of the spray, and the quality of the paint is also crucial.
stadium fence
The stadium fence network can be applied to the barrier effect of roads, railways, highways, airports, sports fields, prisons, etc. No matter what type of fence goods, it is composed of column-connected mesh. If you want to purchase the fence network, you should choose the Hebei Stadium Weihang manufacturer that has the quality assurance, has the characteristics of being used, beautiful, and wide open, and has excellent protection functions. Stadium fence features: bright color, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, smooth mesh surface, strong tension, not easily affected by external impact. On-site construction and installation, the biggest feature of the product is flexibility, and the shape and size can be adjusted at any time according to the requirements of the site. It is mainly used for tennis courts with high quality requirements, basketball courts, and comprehensive venue fences.
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