Zoo mesh construction and bird net construction
The large bird language forest network refers to large bird breeding grounds with an area of ​​more than 5,000-30,000 square meters. The height is 12-50 meters in the middle. There is enough space for birds to fly freely, flying high and flying, birds and tourists and nature are integrated. Adapted to Baihe purse, black crane cage, red-crowned crane net, peacock fence net, ostrich cage, parrot cage, macaw cage net, white sunflower parrot purse, white swan, peacock, thrush, acacia, starling , Hongyan and other poultry.
Commonly used materials are two, a stainless steel rope net, a PE material rope net, using PE raw materials, life expectancy of more than 10 years, we will recommend the diameter and mesh size suitable for each bird according to customer requirements. And structural installation recommendations, these two types of products are suitable for Bird Language Forest Protection Network, Bird Language Forest Net, Bird Garden Protective Net Cover, Bird Language Forest Sky Net, Bird Park Sky Screen Net, Bird Language Forest Surrounding Net, Stainless Steel Bird Park Fence net, a hundred bird garden isolation net, etc.
zoo mesh
Main installation steps: survey site, surveying size, design plan, design simple drawing, column positioning, column size design, mesh customization, foundation pit design and construction, steel cage design and construction, column customization, foundation pit filling cement, column lifting, The ropes between the columns are tightened, the mesh is assembled and cut, the net is hung, and each assembly point is inspected after the net is completed.
The stainless steel rope net is used for bird cage nets and birdhouse protection nets. It is an ideal protective net for bird cages. It has the characteristics of good flexibility, high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, no rust, protection of bird feathers, long service life, etc., and the stainless steel rope net is a customized product of Xingyou manufacturers, which is not restricted by the cage shape and can be manually pulled and installed. , custom size specifications.
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