Stainless steel rope mesh can be used as stainless steel protective net
The use of stainless steel rope nets includes: zoo fences, animal fences, animal cages, bird cage construction, marine parks, garden protection construction, park beautification and green decoration, safari parks, bridges, stadium fences, supermarkets, airports, exhibition halls. , acrobatic performances, opera houses, film and television props, municipal construction, playground use, metal curtain wall, indoor and outdoor architectural decoration, protective engineering, etc. It is an ideal choice for modern decoration and protection.
Stainless steel rope net
Product features: flat mesh surface, unique lines, solid structure and generous appearance. Good toughness, strong anti-climbing ability, impact resistance, collision resistance, not easily deformed by external impact, and excellent cushioning. The product is well transported and installed, light-resistant and transparent, and it can be used for a long time. It can be integrated with the surrounding environment and plays a very good role in decoration and protection.
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