Stainless steel rope net standard
Stainless steel rope nets have been continuously developed in recent years, and the application fields are constantly expanding. In order to become the backbone of the zoo's protective net, it has become an indispensable decorative product for home decoration and tooling.
Many media and buyers have been wondering whether stainless steel rope nets have a national standard to measure the quality of stainless steel rope nets, and always fear to buy fake and shoddy products. Xingyou Metal Wire Mesh Factory explains this problem for everyone, so that everyone can understand the stainless steel rope net.
stainless steel rope net
Before answering this question, we will introduce the production process of stainless steel rope net. The materials selected for stainless steel rope net are: 304 stainless steel rope, 306 stainless steel rope, 316 stainless steel rope, 316L stainless steel rope. Then it is woven by hand, some are connected by snap-on method called snap-type stainless steel rope net, and some are called pure stainless steel woven net by pure weaving. Because it is purely manual, the weaving process is relatively simple, but pure hand-woven is more troublesome. At present, the country has not formulated relevant standards for stainless steel rope nets.
Such an answer may be disappointing to many friends, but although there is no relevant standard for stainless steel rope nets, there are relevant national standards for steel wire ropes. As long as the steel wire ropes meet the standard, the quality of stainless steel rope nets will not be bad. For the national standard of stainless steel rope, you can consult our professional manager, or leave a message!
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