Stainless steel rope net for parrot cage net
The stainless steel rope mesh is ideal for controlling birds, raising any kind of birds or wild birds, and protecting poultry from predators such as hawks.
The high-quality parrot bird cage net produced by Xingyou also plays the same role. It is more suitable for birds with stronger parrots. High quality cage nets must be used when constructing or repairing new flying aviaries.
Stainless steel rope nets are used for bird control purposes and are also used to build bird nets or bird cages. Parrot bird cage nets are used to build flying bird nets, bird cages, and aviaries. If you have pet birds in your bird garden (especially those with strong cockroaches), be sure to use a high quality parrot bird cage net. Examples include: parrots, budgies, and finch.
It is cross-woven from a stainless steel rope mesh and is made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Stainless steel may be the best metal material for parrot cages because of its safety, robustness, light weight and rust resistance. This makes it an ideal choice for bird cage stencils and bird cage lines. Not only is it more expensive than other materials, but its longevity is enough to give you better long-term benefits.
After deciding which material is needed, the next step is to consider spacing and size, strength and thickness, mesh size, and design.
Mesh and rope diameter
For a typical parrot, use a 2-inch mesh. For smaller birds, use a 1 inch or even smaller mesh.
Advantages of Xingyou's high-quality parrot cage network
 stainless steel rope mesh
Prevent parrot damage.
The parrot's cockroaches have a very strong chewing force - if you are not careful, these birds will chew your bird cage net. To prevent this, please make sure to choose a quality high-end bird cage net. Cheap low-end materials can cause birds to be lost.
Long life.
Stainless steel rope mesh should be UV or UV resistant so that it does not lose its shape and strength under sunlight. Stainless steel rope mesh has considerable elasticity and corrosion resistance. If you buy a wireline birdhouse network, you can expect it to take about 30 years to replace, sometimes even longer.
If the mesh is not made of rust-proof material, it can only be used for a few months.
If you are considering using stainless steel, please check the wire mesh provided by Xingyou, factory price, quality assurance.
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