Stainless steel rope net for golden monkey protection net
Although the nature reserve is the best living environment for the golden monkey, the global environment is generally poor, and the survival rate of the golden monkey is extremely low, so the artificial feeding of the golden monkey is also a large proportion. In order to enable the golden monkey to maintain its original habits under the conditions of captivity, this limits the cages for feeding golden monkeys to be close to nature, safe and environmentally friendly. The golden silk monkey cage net and the golden monkey fence net produced by Xingyou Stainless Steel Rope Net Factory are ideal choices.
monkey nets
Xingyou has grasped the characteristics of the golden monkeys' wide range of activities, and does not like to be restrained. Combined with our own site environment problems, we have studied and produced the golden silk monkey cage net and the golden monkey fence net weaved by imported stainless steel wire rope. The line of sight is good and blends with nature, which gives the animal an illusion of being natural. The mesh is even and the wire diameter is smooth, which protects the golden monkey from the damage caused by friction during the climbing process.
The tensile strength is large, strong and durable, enough to meet and withstand the tearing and pulling of the golden monkey on the rope net. At the same time, the golden silk monkey cage net produced by Xingyou and the golden monkey fence are resistant to corrosion and wind, frost and rain. It can give the golden monkey a natural comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly living environment. In addition, Xingyou stainless steel wire rope net is also widely used in macaque purse nets, macaque cage nets, long-tailed langur cage nets, long-tailed langurs nets and other monkey cage nets, monkey nets.
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