Special stainless steel rope net for zoo protection Xingyou professional manufacturer direct sales
Zoo protective net flexible stainless steel woven mesh, Xingyou stainless steel rope net factory as a zoo wire rope net manufacturer, engaged in wire mesh production industry for more than 20 years, providing high quality products for hundreds of customers at home and abroad.
Xingyou Stainless Steel Rope Net Factory is the leading factory in China. It produces various specifications of zoo nets and stainless steel animal cage nets.
During installation, it should be noted that the attachments are reasonably distributed, pay attention to the bearing capacity, and the angle of the mesh surface is reasonable. It is recommended that the angle of the mesh surface be 60 degrees. To ensure that each standard and other mounting accessories must be installed securely. The rope connection must be tight, and there should be no exposed head.
 zoo mesh
Applications: Zoo fence, zoo mesh, tiger cage network, monkey climbing net, animal channel network, bird language forest network, safety net.
Advantages: The mesh surface is flat, the unique lines, the overall structure is firm, and the appearance is generous. Good toughness, strong anti-climbing ability, impact resistance, collision resistance, not easily deformed by external impact, and excellent cushioning. The product is well transported and installed, light-resistant and transparent, and it can be used for a long time. It can be integrated with the surrounding environment and plays a very good role in decoration and protection.
Xingyou rope network promises to guarantee product quality, competitive ex-factory price, provide installation guidance and after-sales service.
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