Stainless steel rope net has an incomparable advantage
The stainless steel rope net is a kind of rope net woven with stainless steel wire rope. The net net is very strong and durable, safe, environmentally friendly and beautiful. Stainless steel rope net is mainly used in interior decoration nets, safety fence nets, stair fence nets, animal cages, garden protection nets, and safety nets in playgrounds and so on. The rope net is a new type of decorative net product, and the appearance of the rope net is deeply loved by everyone.
The environmental performance of stainless steel rope net is excellent: environmentally friendly building has always been the theme of our advocacy. Before many homes or home improvement, formaldehyde will inevitably appear, which will stimulate the physical and mental health of family members or customers, which seriously violates the theme of environmental protection decoration. With the advent of stainless steel rope nets, many high-end residences use rope nets. Pure metal products do not contain any chemical elements, and will not damage the surrounding control quality, and the effect after decoration is simple and generous, yet noble and elegant.
stainless steel rope net
The stainless steel rope net is flexible and convenient to install: the stainless steel rope net is used as the partition of the hall. It is only necessary to install a stainless steel metal rod when the ceiling is suspended. The rope net is hung on the top and the installation is completed, and the stainless steel rope net has the effect of opening and closing. It is also very flexible to use.
Unmatched advantages of stainless steel rope net:
Xingyou stainless steel rope net has the following advantages:
1. Stainless steel rope net is resistant to corrosion, rust, tensile force, wind, frost, snow and snow, no need for maintenance;
2. The stainless steel rope net has good softness, good sight, flame retardant, tear-resistant and long-lasting;
3. The stainless steel rope net is beautiful and high-end atmosphere, which enhances the taste of the user and the grade of the place used;
4. Green, no chemical treatment, can be reused.
5. Complete specifications, custom sizes.
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