Xingyou stainless steel rope net for cat fence construction
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product description
1. Product Name: Xingyou Metal Wire Mesh Cat Animal Fence Net
The construction of the zoo is no longer the old way of keeping animals in closed cages. The wire rope network opens up a way to build new zoos that allow animals to explore the surrounding environment, and human visitors can watch animals at close range.
Xingyou Stainless Steel Rope Net Factory first used stainless steel rope nets for innovation in animal fences, animal cages, landscape building protection, architectural decoration and other fields. Xingyou Company specializes in the production, research and development and improvement of stainless steel rope nets for more than 20 years.
The main features of this product are "safe, beautiful, durable and environmentally friendly". Compared with products in the same industry, stainless steel rope mesh has unparalleled advantages.
stainless steel rope mesh
Product advantages
Xingyou Wire Mesh has the following advantages:
1. Wire mesh zoo fence net is resistant to corrosion, rust, tensile force, wind, frost, snow and snow, no need for maintenance;
2. Metal wire rope zoo fence net has good softness, good sight, flame retardant, tear-resistant, and long service life;
3. The metal mesh is beautiful and high-end atmosphere, which enhances the user's taste and the grade of the place used;
4. Green, no chemical treatment, can be reused.
5. Complete specifications, custom sizes.
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