High-altitude anti-drop net preferred metal stainless steel wire mesh
Metal stainless steel wire mesh products are the first choice for safety fences. They have better protection than playground fences, performance fences and safety nets. It has high tensile strength and softness, and can effectively prevent external impacts (such as machinery, people, animals, etc.), increase cushioning power, and protect people and animals from harm. Good perspective, uniform mesh, beautiful, green and environmentally friendly. Corrosion-resistant, one-time investment, no maintenance in the middle, and service life of more than 30 years.
Xingyou wire mesh supply mall anti-fall net, courtyard anti-fall rope net, protective net special stainless steel high-altitude anti-drop net, is a beautiful, strong tensile, environmentally friendly fall-proof stainless steel rope net. Xingyou stainless steel rope net is widely used in stair protection net, high-altitude anti-fall net, open-air roof fence net, balcony protection net, suspension bridge safety fence, road protection fence net and so on.
stainless steel rope net
The factory specializes in producing high-altitude safety nets such as Xingyou Metal Stainless Steel Stairs Anti-falling Net, Stainless Steel Falling Rope Net, Wire Rope Falling Safety Net. The stainless steel wire rope anti-falling net is used for high-strength and light-weight steel structure system, diamond-shaped mesh, no visual obstacles, and maintains the original design landscape of buildings and green vegetation. At the same time, the flexibility and integrity of the stainless steel anti-fall net have good cushioning and protection for falling objects and falling outside the personnel, local stress, overall bearing, and avoiding the partial concentration of the anti-fall net. destroyed.
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