Special wire mesh for zoo fence
Wire mesh is a relatively general concept. Stainless steel wire mesh and stainless steel wire mesh can be collectively referred to as wire mesh. The zoo fence mesh we are talking about today is metal wire mesh products: stainless steel wire mesh.
The zoo fence is also known as “Zoo Protection Net”, “Zoo Fence Net”, and Zoo Chain Link Fence fence. It is suitable for zoo's new protective products. The animal fence has good toughness, strong anti-climbing ability and high safety factor. The zoo fence is a kind of site fence. The surrounding columns and purse seine can be installed on site. The incomparable features of the product are flexibility. The structure, shape and size of the mesh can be adjusted at any time according to requirements. It is widely used in zoo safety protection due to its high safety performance.
zoo mesh
It greatly increases the chance of visitors coming into close contact with animals. There are two kinds of weaving techniques for the fence net of the zoo: 1. Snap rope net 2. Cross woven net
1. The buckle rope net is a manual use of a buckle to string together one piece of stainless steel wire rope, and then use the machine to carry out the pressure, the buckle is flattened, thereby fixing the stainless steel rope
2. Cross-woven mesh is a hand-wrapped woven mesh. This mesh has a fixed mesh structure, strong structure, large bearing capacity, and is very beautiful. It can be used for bird breeding, protection, decoration and other purposes. Zoos, safari parks, marine parks and other similar animal cages, bird nets, animal enclosures and garden decorations and construction and renovation.
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