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Xingyou Metal Wire Mesh Factory supplies anti-fall nets, garden fall-proof rope nets, special stainless steel high-altitude anti-drop nets for protective nets, exclusive metal wire mesh, is a kind of anti-fall stainless steel rope net with beautiful appearance, strong tensile strength and environmental protection. . Xingyou stainless steel rope net is widely used in stair protection net, high-altitude anti-fall net, open-air roof fence net, balcony protection net, suspension bridge safety fence, road protection fence net and so on.
Xingyou wire mesh types: stainless steel mesh, steel mesh, mat mesh, copper mesh, hexagonal mesh, welded wire mesh, window screen, square hole mesh, shade net, conveyor belt net, retaining net, crimped net, hook flower Net, sieve mesh, nickel mesh, rope mesh, mine mesh, polyester mesh, plastic flat mesh, steel wire mesh, sintered felt, barbecue mesh, paper wire, printing mesh, barbed wire, drug mesh, nylon mesh, Welded wire mesh, stone cage net, chemical etching net, blade barbed wire, industrial filter cloth, metal filter net, vibrating screen, gas liquid filter net, air conditioning special net, building safety net, Meige net, breeding net, twill net , decorative nets, etc.
The wire mesh is made of steel wire and copper wire. The lines are thick and thin. The mesh has various sizes and sizes. It is customary to refer to the thick wire as the "net", the middle hole in the middle is the yarn, and the thin wire is the small hole. For cloth. In the case of the specification, it is customary to calculate the mesh size in the cell size of 1/8" or more than 1/8", and the number of holes per inch below 1/8", but also the line diameter and number.
Wire mesh is woven from steel wire, copper wire or other metal wire. There are many kinds of mesh patterns in wire mesh, and common square-hole plain and square-hole twill weave nets. In addition, there are diamond-shaped holes, hexagonal holes, twisted mesh, and the like.
 Professional wire mesh manufacturer
Xingyou Wire Mesh has the following advantages:
1. Wire mesh stair anti-fall net is resistant to corrosion, rust, tensile force, wind, frost, snow and snow, no need for maintenance;
2. The wire rope anti-fall net has good softness, good sight, flame retardant, tear-resistant and long-lasting;
3. The metal mesh is beautiful and high-end atmosphere, which enhances the user's taste and the grade of the place used;
4. Green, no chemical treatment, can be reused.
5. Complete specifications, custom sizes.
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