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The stainless steel rope net is used in the field of plant climbing nets mainly based on several characteristics of stainless steel rope net:
1. It has large tensile strength, no damage, long service life, and can well carry the pulling force of plant climbing;
2. Corrosion-resistant, non-rusting, beautiful and practical for outdoor plant climbing nets;
3. Good flexibility, can be installed arbitrarily, with various shapes and without restrictions;
4. Beautiful, green and environmentally friendly, blending with nature and plants.
Xingyou stainless steel rope net is used for stainless steel plant climbing net / wire rope plant climbing net, various specifications, we can customize all kinds of specifications, the general rope diameter is: 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm, net The hole size is 2-15 cm, and the mesh size is customized according to actual needs.
Xingyou Metal Wire Mesh Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in producing stainless steel wire rope mesh. The material is imported stainless steel wire rope, 304, 316, 316L. The real high quality stainless steel wire mesh is a combination of various chemical elements. In addition, the surface treatment and state of stainless steel rope are also Its anti-rust ability has a certain impact.
The surface treatment of stainless steel rope nets generally has the following three types.
1 surface whitening treatment; 2 surface mirror bright treatment; 3 surface coloring treatment. The specific processing method can be done according to customer requirements.
Stainless steel wire rope net is a high-end product, widely used, generally used in zoo cage construction, plant climbing nets, plant climbing nets, high-grade plant support nets, stainless steel rope net plant climbing nets, green plant climbing Climb the rope and so on.
Stainless steel rope net is a general term, because all stainless steel mesh can be called stainless steel mesh, then what are the characteristics of stainless steel rope net? That is, the stainless steel rope net is flexible, the mesh surface is soft, but the mesh has toughness, so that the soft belt has the characteristics of being soft and soft.
Wire rope plant climbing net company preferred [Xingyou metal]
In order to achieve the "0" distance between the customer and the factory, Xingyou Metal Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. has opened two domestic and foreign trade platforms: and Export. After years of development, our factory has won three national patents with its professional production technology, rich production experience and advanced production technology. At the 13th Wire Mesh Expo in October 2013, the new M-type buckle net developed by our company won the title of four new products. Mature management system, excellent product quality, competitive price and good after-sales service occupy an important position in the domestic and foreign markets, and have established long-term business relationships with many domestic and foreign zoos and garden units, and won good results. Reputation and development. Products are exported to Europe, America and Oceania countries. Now our factory has become a modern enterprise integrating production, sales and import and export.
Business model: production and processing
Whether to provide processing / customization services: Yes
Stainless steel plant climbing net
Processing method: incoming processing; OEM processing; manual processing; ODM processing; sample processing; incoming foundry processing;
Process: heat treatment; electroplating; surface treatment; metal stamping;
Xingyou Metal Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. interprets the industry chapter for you
And for vine flowers and plants, plant support, fruit and fruit climbing, such as cucumber, loofah, morning glory and so on. About the plant climbing net will explain this to you, welcome to inquire, look forward to our cooperation! There are many types of stainless steel rope nets, but in accordance with the weaving process, stainless steel screens vary widely. Here Xingyou Company mainly explains the stainless steel rope net for everyone. The stainless steel rope mesh is woven from a multi-strand multi-filament stainless steel wire rope, and the raw material is 304/316 stainless steel. Red, yellow, green, blue and white colors have black toughness and other characteristics. Anti-corrosion plants climb nets and wear-resistant hand-inserted stainless steel wire ropes interpenetrate and interweave to form a net knot. Plastic plant climbing nets are often used for horizontal support of flower plants. It is difficult to damage the chemical composition of the wire rope, and the mesh knot is difficult to change, thus ensuring uniform mesh size of the stainless steel wire mesh.
Balcony stairs protection, theater theater decoration, exhibition hall creativity, building curtain wall and interior decoration, bridge and scenic area protection decoration, convenience engineering and so on. With the strengthening of China's national strength, it has also achieved good development in China in recent years. The manufacturer has been producing, researching, improving and mastering its core technology for the stainless steel rope network for many years. It only develops and produces high-quality products and customers at home and abroad, and has created a number of high-quality engineering works. Good decoration. The main application of landscaping protection in green plant climbing gardens; the construction of zoo cages, the use of all stainless steel in Europe in the Americas, the unique expression of the hole, the stainless steel rope net is because of its unique characteristics have been obtained at home and abroad The favor of friends is recognized. Customers can rest assured that the service life is more than 30 years; close to the natural kindergarten protection net is usually to prevent the child from falling and climbing the dangerous area of ​​the air to install soft wire diameter.
 Wire rope plant climbing net company preferred [Xingyou metal]
Sparks, impact resistance and other flash points. Wire rope net use: It is suitable for high mountains and mountains with buffer zone next to building facilities. It intercepts rock falls, flying stones, avalanches and mudslides outside the building facilities, avoiding the damage of building facilities caused by disasters. Wire rope net is the main feature of SNS system. The component, and generally the first part of the impact, must transmit the impact load from the falling rock to the support rope, pull the anchor rope and other components, and finally pass it to the anchor. 1. Eight resistance: wear resistance, rust resistance, flex resistance, ozone resistance, flame resistance, acid and alkali resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance; 2. Flash point of steel wire rope: flame retardant, long service life, small elongation; It has high tensile strength and tear resistance.
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