Stainless steel interspersed woven mesh preferred [Xingyou]
Factory direct supply, low price, 304 stainless steel braided rope net, Xingyou stainless steel rope net factory has been established for many years, mainly to export stainless steel rope net products, Xingyou manufacturers custom-made production of stainless steel rope woven net, stainless steel braided net, stainless steel woven net, steel wire rope The woven net and the black stainless steel rope net are more decorative and colorful than the original color stainless steel rope woven net. At the same time, it is used in the field of animal cage protection net under strong light to protect the animal vision from being stimulated and more humanized.
The stainless steel rope weaving net is the net weaved by stainless steel wire rope, but this is just a literal term. Here we focus on the information about Xingyou stainless steel rope weaving net. All the raw materials of Xingyou manufacturers use the national standard 304/316 stainless steel wire rope, which is corrosion-resistant and rust-free. It is made by pure hand-inserted weaving process. The overall structure of Xingyou stainless steel braided rope mesh is firm, and each wire rope of each mesh is Sharing the external force of the whole mesh, the Xingyou stainless steel woven mesh has strong tensile strength, breaking force and long service life.
The common parameters of Xingyou stainless steel rope woven mesh/stainless steel braided rope net products are as follows:
Material: SUS304/304L/316/316L stainless steel
Rope diameter: 1.2mm/1.6mm/2.0mm/2.4mm/3.2mm
Mesh: 20mm/25mm/30mm/38mm/51mm/60mm/76mm/90mm/102mm
Size: customized according to customer needs
Stainless steel woven mesh
Generally speaking, according to the characteristics of strong flexibility, corrosion resistance and large tensile strength of Cannes stainless steel rope woven mesh, there is no restriction on the use environment (including terrain, climate, application field, shape, etc.). Design and installation, leaving the designer with the most imagination. Therefore, stainless steel braided rope nets are widely used in zoo cages, animal fences, bird language fences, balcony fences, outdoor roofs, stairs, bridges and other places fences and exhibition hall decoration nets, building curtain walls, green Plant climbing and other fields.
Stainless steel rope mesh woven mesh is widely used, including: zoo fence, animal fence, animal cage, bird cage construction, marine park, garden protection construction, park beautification and green decoration, safari, bridge, stadium fence, supermarket , airports, exhibition halls, acrobatics, opera houses, film and television props, municipal construction, playground use, metal curtain walls, indoor and outdoor architectural decoration, protective engineering, etc. It is an ideal choice for modern decoration and protection. As more users love it and the designer's inspiration concept, more classic works will be created. Stainless steel rope nets will also be used more and more widely.
Stainless steel rope mesh woven mesh is widely used, flexible woven mesh/stainless steel flexible mesh, stainless steel rope mesh, wire rope woven mesh, bird language forest net, parrot cage net, tiger purse net, sports acrobatics net, construction net, playground fence Net, animal purse, animal cage net, stainless steel buckle net, animal buckle net, decorative net, etc.
Stainless steel rope mesh woven mesh is widely used. The products have been recognized and used by many customers at home and abroad. Animal cages, bird nets, animal fences and garden decorations in zoos, marine parks and other similar environments, parks, community protection, doors and windows. Also used in this category of products, the wire rope net products developed by our factory are applied in building reinforcement, hoisting goods, windmill capping, high-grade decoration, sports, acrobatics, home decoration, architectural decoration, fence fence.
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