Guatemala volcano: Almost 200 missing and 75 dead
Death tolls have risen in Guatemala as explosions continue to escalate at the country’s Fuego volcano.
Three days after the volcano’s first eruption, search, rescue and recovery efforts still remain in effect for the millions of people affected by the blasts, with many of the small towns surrounding Fuego covered in thick ash and flowing debris.
In a press conference on Tuesday evening, Sergio Cabanas — the head of the National Coordination for Disaster Reduction of Guatemala (CONRED) — said that 192 people are still reported missing, CNN said.
Earlier in the day, Guatemala’s National Institute of Forensic Sciences (INACIF) said that 75 people have died — but that only 23 of the deceased have been identified, ABC News reported.
It is expected that some of the missing are among the unidentified bodies, Cabanas said, according to ABC News.
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