Claim one billion US dollars! Apple‘s "war" opened agai
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According to Indonesia‘s "Jakarta Post" on the 20th news, the United States Apple Corps once again launched a lawsuit against South Korea‘s Samsung, accusing it of plagiarism, demanding compensation of one billion US dollars. According to the results of the court review, Samsung Electronics infringed on Apple‘s first three iPhone design patents and two utility patents. Specifically, the design includes the application layout of the iPhone‘s front, back, and Home interfaces. The utility patent includes a pinch zoom function. And bounce scroll effect. For Samsung and Apple’s patent battle, the basic question for this trial is whether the amount of Samsung’s compensation is based on the mobile phone or only on the phone. Apple believes that it should be based on the full value of the iPhone, claiming compensation of one billion US dollars, while Samsung believes that it should only be based on some of the infringing features, and hopes to control the amount of compensation within 28 million US dollars.

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