purchasing stainless steel wire mesh anouncement
In the current market, there are different manufacturers produced by the stainless steel rope network, and as its sales hot, the quality of stainless steel rope network products in the market also began to uneven.So there are a few things you should pay special attention to when shopping.
First of all in the purchase of stainless steel rope net before carefully watching, to see whether there are defects on the surface, qualified product surface gloss degree is very good, and color is also relatively bright.If the surface has bubbles or obvious scratches, do not buy.Must learn to buy high-quality stainless steel wire mesh, so as to avoid quality problems in the use of the process.Now the stainless steel wire mesh surface has a coating, different coating has the corresponding coating thickness, we should pay attention to this point when buying.
Of course, the above points are related to the relevant *** knowledge, if you can not identify the words, can use the most simple method, that is to see the factory certificate, according to the manufacturer to choose whether to buy.Choose a good reputation of the manufacturers produced by the stainless steel wire mesh, so we can rest assured to buy.
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