How many fences do you know about buying?
The construction of expressways is changing with each passing day. It is necessary to help the high-speed unimpeded and unimpeded roads. It is also because of these stable fence protection devices that road traffic can develop smoothly. So how much do you know about the road fence purchase?
First, the characteristics of highway fence
 Highway guardrail net generally refers to the fence net that is stretched on the support structure with metal mesh. It is also called “guard net, protective net”. The height is basically between 60-80CM, which is good for stability and isolation. It is widely used in transportation industries such as railways, highways, and transportation.
Second, how to choose a high-quality highway fence network
fence net
Since this type of fence network has many functions, then at the time of purchase, Xingyou Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. believes that the following three points should be noted:
1. Fence mesh materials; when selecting fence nets, most consider the quality of materials. Inferior materials can not only play the role of isolation and protection, but also be more susceptible to corrosion and damage.
2, pay attention to the choice of fence mesh frame; for some regular fence network production enterprises, most of them are processed with angle steel and round steel, the purpose is to make the fence network have sufficient support. Ensure the stability of the cylinder when it is grounded. The other is to pay attention to the paint on the outside of the frame. The quality of the paint is not only related to the appearance of the appearance, but also related to the strength of wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
3, the plastic spray process outside the guardrail; the fence network wants to use for a long time, it is necessary to strengthen the anti-corrosion and acid-proof process, which mainly uses spray coating, evenly spread the paint on the material to ensure that the fence net can have a long use time.
In general, the choice of fences requires a lot of observation, focusing on the details, so it is easier to have a strong, durable fence.
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