What should you pay attention to in the basketball court?
The basketball game venue should be a rectangular solid plane with no obstacles. The standard size of the basketball game venue is 28 meters long and 15 meters wide. The site fence should extend more than 2 meters on this basis. Basketball court purse net material: high quality PE coated wire
Basketball court purse production process: weaving welding
Surface treatment of basketball court fence: PE/PVC coated wire is used for the fence, and the column and frame are sprayed and dipped.
Basketball court fence standard: (standard optional)
(1). Plastic coated wire diameter 3.8-4.0mm.
(2). Mesh 50mm X 50mm, 60*60mm.
(3). Scale: 2500*4000mm.
(4). Column: 60/2.5mm diameter, 75*2.5 steel pipe.
(5). Horizontal column: Steel pipe with diameter of 48/2mm.
(6). Connection method: assembling and clamping.
(7). Anti-corrosion treatment: PE/PVC coated wire is used for purse net, spray column and frame are used for column and frame, anti-rust primer + high-grade metal paint. (Optional colors are red, green, dark green, yellow, white, etc.)
Basketball court purse color: Generally, dark green and grass green are used, mostly in dark green.
Advantages of basketball court fence: beautiful use, no protection, simple installation, good protection, decoration and beautification effect.
Basketball court fence
Basketball court purse device method:
Pre-embedded device: first dig the foundation pit, then put the column into the foundation pit to pour the concrete, and then install the fence after the concrete has solidified.
Chassis device: requires ground hardening, and put the expansion bolt on the ground to fix the column.
In addition, the ground clearance of the basketball court fence refers to the distance from the bottom of the fence to the ground. What is the use of this gap? Here is why the gap is left:
1. After the rain, there will be water accumulation on the ground. If the fence is close to the ground, it will be soaked in the water. After a long time, it will be easily corroded and rusted, which will affect the service life of the fence.
2, in order to make the device simple, if the ground is not very flat, then the fence is made close to the ground, then the device will not be installed.
So, what should be paid attention to when the basketball court fence is installed?
1. To determine the center distance, that is, the distance between the columns, determine the orientation of the column according to the center distance at the installation site.
2, the column device should pay attention to the horizontal vertical, measured with a level.
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