Zoo fence network common problems and precautions
Many people are asking about the price of the zoo fence. In fact, not only the zoo fence, but also the stainless steel rope network related products seem to have such problems. So what is the price of the zoo fence? What are the price factors that affect it? Let's take a look at the Weibian Xiaobian. The first is the price of raw materials, and the production process, including labor, venue and other costs, it is important to find a strong manufacturer. Next, I will introduce you to the Weibian Xiaobian. The craft requirement that the zoo purse should pay attention to when it is produced is: the zoo purse is mainly considered to be suitable and uses high-quality wire rod as raw material. The galvanized, pvc-coated mesh surface has long-term anti-corrosion and anti-ultraviolet light. The nature of the plastic coating can reach 1.0mm or more, and the net blocking the face has strong impact resistance. There are two kinds of hooks and twisted edges on the side of the zoo net. The special rotary hook is used to compile and guide the technology, and the optimized production model is preset to ensure that there is no crack marks in the buckling at the time of commodity production. After the production of the zoo purse, all the components must be rust-removed, polished, passivated, vulcanized, etc., and the zoo purse is considered suitable and treated with plastic plating. The coating has strong toughness and forms a special smelting metal structure. Can bear the mechanical collisions suffered during transportation and operation.
The plating thickness of the zoo fence is 0.5-0.6mm. The plating powder is considered suitable and the imported weather-resistant natural resin powder with better anti-aging performance is used. The coating color is exactly the same. The plating parts have no leakage plating, exposed iron and the like, and the appearance is smooth. No sag, drip or lychee agglomeration.
zoo fence
Is the paint on the net around the zoo easy to drop? The zoo fence is a new type of protective net product specially designed for animal isolation. The product has a high net body and plays the role of animal isolation and animal husbandry!
The zoo purse net is conventionally treated by dip-coating, and the surface treatment according to the manufacturer's design determines whether the surface treatment needs to be dipped or sprayed. Dip plastic spray has no artificial damage to its service life and will not fall off paint for more than ten years. You can safely purchase custom-made fences suitable for the site requirements!
What are the uses and characteristics of the zoo fence?
The zoo fence is also called stainless steel fence net, animal cage net, etc. It is a new type of protective goods specially designed for the zoo. This product has high net body and strong anti-climbing ability. It can also be used as an animal cage, a zoo fence, a performance fence and a zoo isolation fence. The more common zoo isolation net is made of PVC wire, excellent low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire and iron wire.
In addition to being used outside the zoo, the zoo fence can also be used for fence equipment such as roads, railways, and highways. Also used for interior decoration, breeding poultry and stadium fences, protective nets for machinery and equipment, and protective belts for road green belts.
Because the zoo fence is usually used in public places, it has uniform mesh, smooth mesh, simple knitting, crocheting, beautiful appearance, excellent mesh, wide web width, thick wire diameter and corrosion resistance. Longevity and practicality.
Through the above understanding of the small network, I hope to help you.
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