Maintenance method of stainless steel rope net plant climbing net
As a well-known manufacturer specializing in the production of stainless steel plant climbing net products, our company is based on the needs of new and old users, and the professional plant climbing net products are professionally recognized by the majority of users. Today, take everyone to learn how to maintain high quality stainless steel plant climbing nets.
stainless steel plant climbing net
1. Avoid large amounts of welding or other Mars falling into the safety net when using plant climbing nets.
2. The attachment of the plant climbing net must be cleaned frequently to keep the working surface of the safety net clean.
3. When the plant climbing net is contaminated by chemicals or the net body is embedded with coarse sand and other foreign matter that may cause abrasion, it should be washed and dried naturally after washing.
4, plant climbing nets should not be allowed to rely on or pile up the goods to the building safety net.
The above is about the maintenance of stainless steel plant climbing net. If you want to know more exciting information, please feel free to check our website update, we will continue to sort out more exciting information for you, or you can call us, we also Will give you the most professional answers.
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