Quality problems of stainless steel rope net products
The production of Xingyou stainless steel wire mesh requires a rigorous process. In the process, it is inevitable that some quality problems will occur due to some irresistible factors.
Xingyou Zoo Cage - Zoo Seine. Xingyou Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Factory conducts the following analysis on a number of issues:
1. Defects in the solder joints, although this problem can be compensated by manual mechanical grinding, but the traces produced by the grinding will still cause uneven appearance and affect the appearance. If the surface pickling passivation treatment method is used, the surface will be uneven and the appearance will be affected.
2. Various scratches generated during processing are difficult to remove, and it is difficult to completely remove the treatment process using the overall pickling passivation in time, especially the impurities adhered to the surface of the stainless steel mesh by welding spatter.

stainless steel wire mesh

3. The black scale caused by insufficient pickling ability affects the appearance and is difficult to remove.
4. Scratches caused by human factors, such as slings, bumps caused by transportation, and severe scratches caused by hammering, etc., are difficult to remove and can easily become the main part of rust even after treatment.
The above points are some of the problems that are likely to occur in the production of stainless steel wire mesh. It is precisely these problems that affect the quality of stainless steel wire mesh. Therefore, Xingyou has taken effective measures in production to avoid these situations and reduce damage. To the lowest. You can use Xingyou stainless steel woven mesh products with confidence.
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