Robust Tiger Enclosure Guaranteeing Safe for Both Tiger and People
Zoo tigers require solid dwelling for they are very dangerous once they escape from the enclosure or the cage. They are fierce predators and will threaten people's safety or even life.

Zoo tiger is very popular all around the world. Six hundred million people a year will visit the tigers, far more than go to football or basketball matches. There are three main reasons of keeping the tiger in the zoo. First, preserve tiger genetic; second, educate the public of the reason why protect the tiger; third, gather any information of tiger habits and diet.
zoo mesh
Three frequent wire meshes for making tiger enclosure are chain link fence, stainless steel rope mesh and welded wire mesh. All of them are easy to install and can service the zoo for several years. By the way, stainless steel rope is recognized the most solid and rigid. Also available of lion, leopard, panda and other zoo animals.
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