Stainless Steel Rope Mesh Keeps Birds in the Aviary
Customer: manger of a zoo in Australia.
Product: stainless steel rope mesh.
Quantity: 300 m2.

Our customer is the manager of a zoo in Australia, she wanted to purchase a type of mesh for aviary. This netting must strong enough but have no any sharp edge may hurt the birds. After browsing on the Google, she found us and was interested in our stainless steel rope mesh. She sent the E-mail to us and asked if it was suitable for her project and hoped us recommend the perfect specification for her. We sent the E-mail to our customer and told her that the stainless steel rope mesh was the ideal choice for zoo aviary.
Stainless steel rope mesh
Stainless steel rope mesh is woven by hand. The stainless steel rope mesh select the high quality stainless steel wires, which is most durable and solid material among metal materials. Additional, there is no any welds or points on the netting, which will not hurt the birds.

Based on the customers' project, we recommended the following specifications for her:

Material: SS 3016 L.
Wire diameter: 1.4 mm.
Aperture: 20 mm × 34.6 mm.
Dimension: 30 m length × 4 m height
Quantity: 300 m2.

Application of stainless steel rope mesh

Stainless steel rope mesh is widely used in the zoo for aviary or animal cage. It can not only keep animals and birds in the cages, but can protect animal or birds from hurting from outside. The stainless steel rope mesh is strong but soft, which will not hurt the birds or animal.
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